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Dear Dragon Coaching Institute Community,                          

      I want to extend to you and your family a very warm welcome to Dragon Coaching Institute. The middle years are an exciting time when students embark upon new adventures in the world of learning.  Each year will provide important transitions and the acquisition of new skills that will enhance each student’s ability to apply learning in many ways.  Dragon Coaching Institute committed to providing a challenging and rigorous curriculum that helps each student progress at a developmentally appropriate rate and provides a safe environment for all students. 

New Students

   “In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love.” – Mother Teresa

In her quote, Mother Teresa very powerfully captures important wisdom about how to approach life (and schooling) to make it more fulfilling and significant.  Teaching and learning offers us all numerous opportunities to focus on a number of “small things” that culminate over time to produce students that are prepared to do the “great things” of life.  With this in mind, ultimately as a coaching community we are judged by the actions of our students and the way new student learning connects and impacts the world beyond our school.  We are committed to integrating the arts into learning opportunities because we believe that we learn better with and through the arts.  Our mission statement reflects this commitment.

Admissions Office

Tinmile Road

Chopra, U/D, 733207

+91-9126769860/ +91-8759065058

Family & Friends

“With the support of staff and families, DCI students explore, express and excel academically and creatively. In partnership with our community, we integrate the arts to ignite enthusiasm, deepen understanding, and enhance learning for every student.”

As a former elementary and DCI teacher, we value the social and emotional development of each student as they transition from their primary years through early adolescence.  we value life-long learning and aim to make your child’s learning experience at Dragon Coaching Institute

   We believe that it is my responsibility to maintain and to continue to build a supportive and collaborative spirit at our Institute.  Together as a coaching community, we will build on the traditions of the past and meet the challenges of the future in innovative and exciting ways.

Our Address

Tinmile Road, NH-27

Chopra, Uttar Dinajupur, 733207


Enroll Fast

Admission for class XI-XII closes on 15th September!

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Arts Center

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Lectures & conferences

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Athetics Center

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Tinmile Road, NH-27, 

Opposite Bandhan Bank, Chopra, 

Uttar Dinajpur, 733207

Our hours

06:00 AM – 10:30 AM

04:00 – 06:00 PM

Monday – Sunday

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Phone: +91- 9126769860/ +91-8759065058


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